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Mel received her BFA in Photography and Video from Montserrat College of Art. During her time in school, she co-created and facilitated two programs that are still running; one being the school’s first LGBTQ+ Club “Spectrum,” and the second being “MASh - Media Animation Showcase,” a showcase dedicated to the time-based media artists of Montserrat and surrounding schools.


Since graduating from Montserrat, she has worked with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. After a series of retail positions, the Ipswich Public School District created a position that fit her skills as the district’s first “Director of the Performing Arts Center & Social Media.” Not only did she create and maintain the district’s first ever social media presence, but she handled all management tasks involved with client schedules and set initiatives to expand the Center’s technology systems with new electronic features, all while working under the district’s budget.


Her positions at the Salem Country Club as a Communications Coordinator and Harger Howe Advertising as a Creative Content Manager were vital to the company's success. Both positions involved creating and strengthening social media presence, newsletters, and photography. While working at Harger Howe, Mel needed to quickly team up with various departments to coordinate and distribute emergency communications during the COVID-19 crisis to multiple hospitals.


Since 2020, Mel has been working at EverPresent, a family memories digitizing company, and has received two promotions since then. As a Consultant, she speaks with clients directly about their photographs and videos and makes a plan for the company to create a great digital version of those cherished memories. While maintaining daily administrative duties, she specializes in working with large scale projects.


Overall, Mel enjoys looking out for communities that don’t have a strong voice yet. Her main interests lie in documenting people’s stories through photography and other forms of media.

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